Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exploring Iloilo - Escapades

Iloilo will always have a special place in my heart for it is where my dad grew up.

I have heard few things about Iloilo; however, I never thought Iloilo was captivating! The experience I had in this mystical province will forever be cherished and remembered. Good thing PBA 2010 and VBS 2010 was held in Iloilo which gave me a bigger reason to go.

Exploring Iloilo - Escapades

I woke up early dawn to go to the airport for my flight going to Iloilo. I was, undoubtedly, excited for I seldom travel...and you know what, it was WORTH IT! I stayed at Days Hotel with other bloggers and enjoyed the hotel's amenities. TOTALLY!!!

Since we were not able to join the planned tour, we had a quick tour of the Province ourselves with the help of a fellow blogger, Rio, who's family is from Iloilo.

Below are the places we went to (chronological order):

JD Bakeshop

Central Philippine University

Original Biscocho Haus

Jaro Cathedral and the Belfry

Original DeoCampo Barquillos

Perri Todd's

Super Market


Kopi Roti at Smallville

It was definitely a worthwhile experience! I will definitely come back to this mystical Island.

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