Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jaro Cathedral and the Belfry - Exploring Iloilo - Escapades

After buying some pasalubong at the Original Biscocho Haus, we took another jeep going to Jaro Cathedral which is popularly known as the Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

Jaro Cathedral and the Belfry

Traffic was starting to grow and people are getting crowded. In the middle of the ride, we decided to walk and burn the remaining food we took during brunch at JD Bakeshop.
Walking to Jaro CathedralIt was starting to rain and my head was about to spin. I usually get this weird headache everytime I get hit by rain. Due to this, I wasn't able to explore the place. This will definitely be one of the reasons why I will be going back to Iloilo.

The photo below is the Jaro Cathedral. It has a very unique structure...a very interesting one indeed.
Jaro Cathedral Iloilo
According to the vendorI spoke to while I bought a candle, which I usually collect whenever I travel, the Church is about to celebrate 'Candelaria' in honor to Nuestra SeƱora de la Candelaria (Our Lady of the Candles). Maybe that's the reason why the place was so crowded and there was a bazaar or ukay-ukay going on at the area.
Vendor at Jaro Cathedral
The photo below is the Belfry of Jaro Cathedral. This structure has been existing since the 18th century and until now it still looks really good. Iloilo definitely paid close attention in maintaining this historical landmark.
Belfry of Jaro Cathedral
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(Photos by Mark Gallardo)

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