Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Original DeoCampo Barquillos - Exploring Iloilo - Escapades

After all those walks, we decided to rest for a while...

From the Jaro Cathedral and the Belfry, went to DeoCampo Barquillos.

Original DeoCampo Barquillos

Original DeoCampo Barquillos
I thought it was just another ordinary store where you can buy pasalubong or delicacies of Iloilo, but I was wrong. This place was the BEST place I've been to, so far in Iloilo. The interior design of Original DeoCampo Barquillos was outstanding! I was simply stunned on how amazing the place was. I just wish I know the right words to say it.

They have this lovely pond which gave the whole place a different aura. Mystical! This is the perfect word for the place. The ambiance of the Original DeoCampo Barquillos was just perfect to relax our body, our soul and our stomach!

The Original DeoCampo Barquillos PondAfter taking our rest, we abused the place and had some fun shots! The cam-whoring disease has struck us again!
Calling the fishes in the pond to bow before me! Hahaha!
The Pond at Original DeoCampo BarquillosI'm working with my poses for future photo shoots! LOL!
Original DeoCampo Barquillos Entrance Door...and did I forgot to say that their rest room was AWESOME! It was really clean and eye-friendly. The lighting was also great!

Wacky photo in the rest room
Original DeoCampo Barquillos Rest Room
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(Photos by Mark Gallardo)


sheng said...

They have clean surroundings, and that's good! I have always loved Wewin's biscocho for its milky flavor, until I saw this blog of yours and I think I will switch to Deocampo's.

rabsin_d said...

Hi Sheng, yes indeed they have a clean place and relaxing too. Thanks for the comment! I love your posts by the way...