Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perri Todd's - Exploring Iloilo - Escapades

It was almost dinner; however, we ate too much at the Original DeoCampo Barquillos. We were supposed to eat dinner at Perri Todd's which offers the biggest burger in Iloilo. It was me who forced everyone to try the biggest burger in Iloilo.

Perri Todd's All-American Grilled Burger

Perri Todd's
We went inside and was welcomed by smiling waiters. We actually had our reservation hours earlier before going to the restaurant. We ordered the Premium Burger with Cheesy Mushroom Dressing and an Iced Tea Tower. We just ordered enough to taste the biggest burger in Iloilo which was rumored to be really delicious and indeed they were right!

Perri Todd's Premium Burger Perri Todd's Premium Burger with Cheesy Mushroom Dressing
Made our biggest smile after eating the biggest burger at Perri Todd's Iloilo
Cebu Bloggers at Perri Todd's iloiloPerri Todd's Packaging
I was given the chance to interview the manager of Perri Todd's Iloilo, but I will be posting that in my food blog which is I will make a more detailed entry for Perri Todd's on my food blog on the first day of 2011!

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(Photos by Mark Gallardo)


Lead Character: said...

interesting lagi nang iswallow. can't wait to read your first post there. ;)

rabsin_d said...

@Lead Character: hahaha! ayaw ko ipressure! lol!