Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Super Market - Exploring Iloilo - Escapades

After tasting Perri Todd's biggest burger, we went to the Super Market. I, again, forced my friends to go there for I need to buy dried squids which is also one of Iloilo's delicacies.

Super Market Iloilo

It was already dark when we arrived the Super Market.Everyone was warned to be extra careful because it was also known for thieves and the like. We were on a buddy-buddy system just to make sure and prevent bad things to happen. It didn't took us some time to find what we were looking for and hastily bought what I needed.
Buying Dried Squid in Super Market Iloilo
Dried Fish and Squid at Super Market Iloilo
Success! I have now my dried squid!

In addition, I like their Super Market by the way because it's cleaner and nose-friendlier compared to Dumaguete. Calling Dumaguete Government and City Officials.

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(Photos by Mark Gallardo)

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