Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Central Philippine University - Exploring Iloilo - Escapades

After having our brunch at JD Bakeshop, we went to this lovely University which is most famous for their Engineering and Nursing Graduates.

Central Philippine University Iloilo

The very first thing I saw in the University was their personal Ambulance. I was pretty much amazed on how the University is concern with their students health promote a green and healthy environment. Like the University where I went to, Silliman University, they are most concern with their students and staffs' health.

I'm not sure if it's true, but I have heard that Central Philippine University is a sister-school of Silliman University (or some sort of like that). Whether is it's true or not, both University definitely has similarities on how the school looks like (the physical setup). They have a long lengthy field with Acacia trees on its bot sides and their Church is on the end of the field.

If you try to look at this picture below, you can see the Church at the back and the Acacia trees on the side. Sorry, I couldn't find a better picture to show the Church.
Cebu Bloggers at Central Philippine UniversityWhat I love the most of this University is the Boulevard-like theme. It just feels like you are walking in a park. See more photos below:

Central Philippine University Parking Area
Boulevard Theme of Central Philippine University
Central Philippine University Iloilo
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(Photos by Mark Gallardo)


AG Boi said...

yup po sister institutions po sila. =)

dun po kasi aq nag-aaral. hehe. thanks for visiting CPU.

It's the only academic institution declared a tourism site by the city council of Iloilo. =D

rabsin_d said...

@AG Boi: I see! So it is true. Thanks for confirming! Indeed it was a great campus. Hope to come back there real soon!