Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paper Flower

This happened last Friday where the graduating students of the College of Computer Studies in Silliman University had there Leadership Training. I was there sharing my experiences about the other leadership trainings I joined. However, One thing that really struck my heart was the time where a good friend of mine, Mona Baena, shared something about her love life, and somehow I could just relate because of what happened to me not so long ago. (If you read my previous entry, you'll know what I mean.)
Actually, she was the one who made that flower...acording to her it's because of her boredom during the Leadership Training...haha!

I really don't know why but time must have its own life. He knows when a person is blue or in pain, stressed or burdened. In between our conversation, Mona and I got struck by a melody that serenade our inquisitive ears which goes like this:

Don't tell me your sorry cuz' you're not...

This song is entitled Take A Bow by Rihanna and this is what time has given to me to make an insight out of my experience and tell it to people who needs comfort because

"There is no greater fulfillment in life than to create even a small difference on the lives of other people."

Till then...peace out!

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