Saturday, July 12, 2008

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An overwhelming conversation just happened with Mr. Jim Paredes last July 7, 2008 between 6:53 am to 7:11 am about life, dream, and struggle:

  1. Ciao Mr. Jim, Just finish reading your article and it just breaks my heart that all of the things that you wrote is quite true, ufortunately. Maybe that’s the reason why God gave us talents to share, and intelligence to spread. Yes, I am one of those desperate people who joined the PDA Season 2 Audition (Cebu) for the reason of minimizing our financial burden. However, I only managed to be on the Top 20, but life does’nt end their. You need to struggle for survival, that is what life is about.

    By the way, I’m Ricky de la Cruz, from Dumaguete City and my dad is your number one fan…Lolz! If you have time, try to check my blog:

  2. Hey Ricky,

    PDA is not the only way to achieve your dreams. I had my share of rejections when I was starting, and even when I had a career going. Hang in here and show that your dream is powerful enough to alter reality.

    Princess–As I always say, JUST DO IT!


If you want to check Mr. Jim Paredes' Blog, click here.


kat said...

aww, i bet it feels good to get a response from mr. jim.

anyways, not everybody can manage to be in the top 20, and it's true, PDA is not the only way to achieve your dreams. wow, i didn't realize you auditioned! i am quite excited of the thought of you being in PDA. don't worry, there will be season 3 for sure.

rabsin_d said...
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rabsin_d said...

I hope I could still be breathing during the season 3 starts..hahaha! peace out

gillboard said...

wow, i've been itching to have a comment to be replied by a celebrity... good job for you!!!

i'm so envious...

rabsin_d said...

Heehee! tnx. You can send him a message if you want. For sure he'll have time for it..peace out