Friday, July 18, 2008

My Bad...

"There is a time in our life where we get drunk and unconsciously doing things that we (values) don't do."

First and foremost I would like to apologize to my friend, FC, for spanking him in public. My bad.. :( It happened last Monday where I was entertaining 3 tables in a row. I started my drinking session around 1pm with my STEDS friends, Rhumpipz, BTS, and with our very good friend Tanduay (Mr. T. for short). After 3 hours and a half (rough estimate) Bryne Marchan (1st runner-up Miss Silliman 2007) and Katrina Malahay (1st runner-up Miss Zamboangita 2008), my classmate during High School, arrived on the same area where we were drinking. Because it was their first, I was obliged to introduce the place to them. We got a table and drank 3 Grande of Red Horse. After a couple of hours, I have noticed that most of the men was staring at my friends and Katrina's face was spilling profain words already so I told them to better leave the place before something goes wrong. Outrageously, they left the place leaving me almost drunk.

I went back to my friends and continue the 'Rhum Party'. After 4 shots of rhum, I got busted...totally WASTED! (I got unconscious with the heavy body.)

I don't know what happened but according to my friends, I slapped FC on the face.

That was the reason why I made this entry, to reduce burden and conscience. By the way, I was able to say sorry last Wednesday, and thank God he accepted my apology. He told me "It was okay, really. I understand the situation..." and boy I was soooo relieved. I tried to find his friendster account to link his account here but I could'nt find it.

(Note: Do not drink mixed liquors, especially from Tanduay-to-Beer-to-Tanduay...)


kaakaams said...

Haha. I was there in Minimik last Monday! Pero wala ko kita sa 'slapping' part. Lol. We left early man gud kai we transferred to Escano. Grabe ka diay mahubog Rick, kai managpa ka. Hehe. =)

Drink moderately. Char.

rabsin_d said...

Dili oi! Basta something happened during that time..You know me, I have a name to protect. char! JOWK! btaw, I don't slap friends without any reason...(serious na ni...) peace out

Anna Katrina said...

tsk. tsk. and to think ricky, ako pa imo giingnan nga maghinay2x. At least dili ko violent. hahahaha. LOL. I feel bad for Mr. FC. Is he anyone I know? =)

rabsin_d said...

I'm not sure but I think you saw him in STEDS. Hehe, I pity him pud..I'm so mean