Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tibiao Fish Spa in SM Cebu - Just Made My Day

Having a new kind of job is really stressful...and that is what I am currently experiencing! Yes, a new kind of job means a new kind of life, routine and challenges. In addition to that, there will always be new learnings and a huge room for improvement! LOL!

With all these stuff in my mind, I just need to have just a moment where I can just sit down and not worry of work. Good thing Tibiao Fish Spa is there to the rescue!

Last Friday, I went to their new branch in SM located at the top floor (beside Bo's Coffee) and had my VIP Fish Spa session plus a half Body Massage and a glass of Malunggay Tea.
Enjoying my VIP Fish Spa with my comfy sofa chair. 
This isn't my first time experience with Tibiao Fish Spa that's why I'm very confident that I will be pampered with utmost satisfaction.

Read my first 2 experiences with Tibiao Fish Spa below:

Now, they have so much to offer!
Tibiao Fish Spa in SM City Cebu

Exfoliating Packages

  • Enhance Me – Classic Fish Spa + foot reflexology = Php 300.00
  • Rejuvenate Me – Classic Fish Spa + half-body massage = Php 350.00
  • Pamper Me – VIP Fish Spa + foot reflexology/ half-body massage + tea = Php 450.00

Fish Therapy

  • Classic Fish Spa = Php 150.00
  • VIP Fish Spa = Php 300.00
So I suggest you give them a visit now to enjoy this one of a kind experience with this cute little fishes.
They seem hungry and eager to eat your dead!

(Photos by: Mikyu)

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