Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tibiao Fish Spa – Experience Ichthyotherapy Lifestyle

As a former soccer player and an active dance sport contestant during my High School and College days, the most brutally abused part of my body was my feet. Bruises, scratches and wounds are just some of the many injuries my feet has been through...

...and then I’ve heard of Tibiao Fish Spa where they offer a unique way of cleaning and relaxing your skin, especially your feet. Interesting is it?
The Tibiao Fish Spa

Tibiao Fish Spa – Experience Ichthyotherapy Lifestyle

I remember when my friends and I went to a well known place in Negros called, The Twin Lake, where I first experience the Ichthyotherapic lifestyle. I noticed that while my feet were calmly floating on the lake, small fishes where actually biting and eating my dead skin…and damn it was very ticklish, yet very relaxing.

Ichthyotherapy is a therapy used to treat dermatitis, hyperkeratosis and psoriasis by letting the fish eat the dead skin on the affected area. The fishes used in this therapy are toothless so basically, they don’t bite; however, suck the dead skin. Constant sucking is the cause of the massaging-effect which produces a gentle tingling sensation that people feel during Ichthyotherapy.

That is how Tibiao Fish Spa basically works. For the love of the marine life, three students from the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences spearheaded and conceptualized the idea of making it a business with the help of their friends and fellow students. Now, they currently have 2 Branches: the main branch at Tibiao, Antique and one at SM City Iloilo.
Tibiao Fish Spa in SM Iloilo
When you try to think of it, this 'Fish Spa thing' just sounds expensive and luxurious. However, you might get amazed on how affordable the spa is offering:

At the main branch in Tibiao, Antique, people can enjoy and experience the Ichthyotherapic lifestyle for only Php 2.00/minute (Php 1.00/minute for students) with a Php 20.00 entrance fee. For SM City Iloilo Branch, experience this fish nibbling activity for just Php 100.00 for half an hour, and Php 50.00 for the next 15 minutes.


Their services don’t end there! They also have the following services like VIP Fish Spa, Clear Glass Fish Spa, Full Body Fish Spa, Full Body Massage and they also have Manicure and Pedicure.
Tibiao Fish Spa Services
What a fun and exciting way to relieve stress while exfoliating the dead layers of your skin!

This is indubitably a MUST TRY!


Jonha @ Happiness said...

Oh man, isn't that post just fun! I like how to played around with the idea and just how fun your cover of the place. It makes one to really toy with the idea of going! Well done :)

rabsin_d said...

@Jonha: Thanks! I hope you enjoyed the post! Will you be going to Iloilo for the VBS?