Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whale Shark (Butanding) Experience in Oslob

So much for an active blogger! LOL! I'm deeply sorry for being such a whimp and not posting new stuff here. I just got too hooked up at work. I need to prioritize work for my basic necessities. Hihihi!

Anyways, this is a post of my first time encounter with the whale sharks (a.k.a. Butanding) and it was a day spent well. This trip was like months ago when a friend from Melbourne came to visit the Queen City of the South.

We decided to go to 3 lovely spots in one day. We first went to Oslob since it was advised that we need to be there early in the morning. I was able to get a contact and had ourselves reserved for the whale shark experience.

You may contact Alice at 09228412633 for reservation and inquiry.

Whale Shark (Butanding) Experience in Oslob
Helping the local with our boat.
Butandings here we come!
Our first sighting of  the whale shark. There were 3 of them during our trip.
I couldn't stop myself from jumping in the sea.  
This is the closest photo I have with the whale sharks and I am way satisfied! :D
More photos below:
Jason pointing to the Butanding.
This was when we lost track of the whale shark the boatmen were shouting it's underneath us!!! LOL!
We started our trip with too much adrenaline rush so we ended up relaxing on our next stop: The Kawasan Falls at Badian
Our cute cottage in Kawasan Falls.
Great shot!
Group photo! :D (I, Eden and Jason)
Listening to the sound of the falls just makes my body float...such a relaxing place indeed.

Lastly, we went to Moalboal for a quick deep and to watch the beautiful sunset.
Basdaku, Moalboal -- the white sand here is like Boracay's sand.
Enjoying the beach!
Underwater shot!
And here it is...the sunset.
What a trip! I wish to do this again with these 2 partner in crimes! Good vibes!

(Photos by: Jason)

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