Monday, February 14, 2011

14th of February


14th of February

"Every second time passes my love for you grows. I'm falling head over heels!"
This day finally came...and my last entry for Valentines has come to an end. I will sure miss writing this kind of entries.

Anyways, we had our early dinner together at the Spaghetti Factory...I enjoyed every second of it. We had some few good talks and most of them were hilariously rubbish. Just like the usual talks we had, we end up having a smile on our faces.

I think I have said everything that I wanted to say starting from the 1st of February and I guess I have proven myself sincere and honest with all my action and emotion. I guess it's all up to you now to realize my worth.

I will always be matter what happens. Take care My Highness.

I hope you like the flowers...


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