Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love (Part 1)

I'm currently at CoffeeCat Cebu and I'm with my special friend, Dazed...and when I was about to start getting bum, she let me read one of the few nose-pounding writing she made just last night. So I want to share this article to you guys.

Dazed and Rabsin at CoffeeCat Cebu
To me love is not a conquest, much less one conquest after another. conquest denotes subjugation, a submission to a more powerful will. you do not make a person submit to your will and mold her as you see fit to make her more lovable in your eyes. you love her for what she is. you do not gloss over her imperfections, you learn to live with her flaws. you do not brag to your friends that she is yours for the taking, there's no place for braggadocio in love. you wait instead anxiously for the next time she tells you she loves you, no matter if it may never happen and in the meantime the uncertainty is making you mserable. you do not lead her on with empty displays of affection. you do not boost her confidence using false praises, only to give her the ultimate put-down by taking her for a fool. you find your self speechless with admiration and fear that the slightest touch will betray the depth of your emotion. you do not cry foul when you see that the course of love has not gone according to your fervent wishes. you do not bawl at her, "how dare you tell me you love me, take my heart, and disappear from my life." you do not demand the return of glorious days long past. you do not blame her for your shattered illusions and waylaid dreams and least of all your broken heart. even in the lowest throughs of self-pity and despair, you cannot bring yourself to cause her the slightest grief. you would rather die than give the slightest hint that she has anything to do with your unhappiness. love bears all - maybe not always with a smile that's big enough for the world to see, BUT JUST ONE THAT'S BRAVE ENOUGH TO TELL HER IT'S OKAY...

you'll live so she doesn't have to feel bad.

love and rejection get in the same way.


love means different things to different people, different things at different times.

like everything, love changes.


so when that person ceases to feel the same way, you can let it go...



Anonymous said...

that is just so sweet...sana makahanap rin ako...even tried na yung mga dating sites.
i signed up for loverepublik kung walang love kahit yung free tour na lang.

rabsin_d said...

indeed it is! You don't need a dating site to find your love...just God's time, it will come ;)

Have a good one buddy...whoever you are