Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cebu's First War Fashion Show - Gears of War

Cebu's First War Fashion Show

It was last July 17, 2010 when I attended the ever first War Fashion Show in Cebu. The Concept of the event was to present the gears and other items used during war. It was at Robinland Bldg., Margarita’s Family Cuisine (at the back of Cebu Doctor's University).
Cebu's First War Fashion Show - Gears of War
It was a so-so kind of fashion show, but I admire the organizers purpose in making the said project. Cebu's First War Fashion Show was purposely done to help the children's schooling in Brgy. Magsaysay in Mt. Manunggal Balamban, of the CMA’s Akyat Aklat Program.

I enjoyed the buffet dinner and the photo sessions. I was also enjoying looking at the models and how they carry their weapons...and how they seem to make it more like a Counter Strike game!

Cebu Bloggers Society at Gears of War
They also gave all their guests a lovely mug as a souvenir.

The event was made possible by CIRAS PRODUCTION in cooperation with MOUNTAINEERING ALLIANCE.

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