Thursday, July 22, 2010

The White Hat is now in Cebu SM Northwing

I just went to SM earlier to pay my electric bill when I saw The Photoblogger, Evanjohnn, in the same area. I sent him a message and he responded immediately. He invited me to grab and taste the newly opened Italian frozen yogurt stall in SM Northwing, The White Hat, is now open in Cebu!
They opened last Tuesday, July 20 and they are indeed making a noise to the people in Cebu. I had a little chit-chat with their well-valued employees and gave me some advices on their most ordered and favorite yogurts. I also learned from them that the stall is not a franchise, rather, a branch in Cebu!
The White Hat Stall
Before we ordered, we waited for another friend, Nowi, who was just in the area as well. While waiting, I was amazed by its branding. Its indubitably unique, unlike other yogurts stores that has similarities. The cup is bigger and has better design compared to other yogurt stores. The color and aura is cool and clean...a fresh bluish look! They also have these yummy combos which will make you salivate to death! The best part of their branding was the idea of the hat itself. It definitely got my attention!
The White Hat ToppingsThe Pinoy Hat
I tried their Pinoy Hat Combo and it was just perfectly delicious! They also have other combos available in Cebu that you can try:
  • Lover's Hat
  • Cobbler's Hat
  • Pinoy Hat
  • Wizard's Hat
  • Choco-loco Hat
  • Health Nut Hat
  • Baker's Hat
  • Camper's Hat
  • Monkey's Hat
  • Cooky Hat
It was a great and a healthy day indeed!
Rabsin eating Pinoy Hat
By the way, don't forget to check out their website: because it's a really interesting site. It's cool and hip! You can check their new promos and join their contest there!

Thanks Evanjohnn for the lovely photos!


Dhon said...

yummy and healthy.. let me give it a try! ;)

Jorich R. Ponio said...

the white hat really is yummy and refreshing... i first tried this when we went at Glorieta! \m/

The Photoblogger said...

wooot! will link your post in mine :D thanks for accompanying me Rab! :D gi drag gyud tika sa ako nomnom moments :P

rabsin_d said...

@Dhon: Try it...its super masarap!

@Jorich: kaau! woooot!

@Photoblogger: you're welcome :) it was a great day :D ngayo nya ko sa mga pix :D