Friday, July 16, 2010

Coffeecat in Cebu Opens

Below is the official press release for COFFEECAT in Cebu:


Coffeecat opens in Cebu

After first opening its doors in May 2009 in Torres Street, Davao City, Coffeecat marks yet another milestone with its second branch, this time Coffeecat is in Cebu, at the Asiatown IT Park’s newest high-rise development, the eBloc Tower. The Asiatown IT Park branch is Coffeecat’s first foray into the exciting Cebu market. With its passion for coffee and excellence, Coffeecat promises to further enrich the highly developed coffee culture scene in this city already spoiled with choices. Coffeecat in Cebu serves the pure goodness of 100% premium Arabica coffee, making it not just another brew in the City.

Coffeecat Logo
The name ‘Coffeecat’ is the product of an intriguing play of words coupled with a serendipitous association to a cat-sized mammal called a civet cat, which has a close affinity towards coffee berries.

Coffeecat Coffee
The concept for Coffeecat was born out of a dream of creating a new type of meeting place –one that mixes modern, industrial, and minimalist elements yet retains a warm and cozy ambiance for good conversations, great beverages and delectable dishes. This is a meeting place that recognizes the Filipinos’ cultural tradition of taking a break from daily workday life and relaxing in the company of others. These, combined with the Italian coffee culture and influence of the North American pastry tradition all came together in the vision of Coffeecat.

At Coffeecat, each beverage is meticulously prepared and carries with it a memory of the taste and sensation inspired by the founders’ travels to other countries. The essence of various origins is captured in each drink to give one that 'holiday' sensation of being giddy and lighthearted, perfect for bonding moments with family and friends, making Coffeecat a cozy place for relaxing and celebrating all of those life moments. From precious family time, hearty laughter with friends, some needed alone time with a good book and cup of brew, private discussions with colleagues and sweet moments with a special someone, Coffeecat is a celebration of coffee and life.

Coffeecat Americano, Mocha, Latte
Coffeecat in Cebu is 90 square meters of stylish and chic space which can accommodate a total of 60 guests with its indoor and outdoor seating combined. The café specializes in expertly handcrafted beverages made from premium coffee blend illy®, a careful balance of 9 types of pure Arabica beans from South and Central America, India and Africa which createsthe unmistakable illy flavor always identical in any espresso cup, wherever it is drunk around the world; non-coffee drinks like Avalanche™ Ice Blends and its signature product – Yogo™ Premium Frozen Yogurt in Original or Green Tea Flavors.

Coffeecat Yogo on Waffle
Yogo™ is the finest frozen yogurt made with the freshest ingredients, a mixture of fresh non-fat organic yogurt with probiotics and organic skimmed milk. Yogo™ promotes a positive feeling by serving a delicious tasting treat that is good for both body and mind. With optional fruit toppings available, it can help make up ones 5-a-day diet.

Other products include specialty teas, pastries, light snacks and short orders. Guests may also check their email, download a file before a meeting, or simply browse the internet by logging on to Coffeecat’s in-store free wireless internet service aptly called wireless@coffeecat.

Coffeecat is a lifestyle coffee concept owned and operated by Coffeecat Corporation. For more information, please contact us at

More photos will be posted soon.


complicated girl said...

ahh, you beat me to it! yep, heard of this place, but never had the chance to check out the place yet. thanks for this post Rab! librehi sab ko didto sunod oi, i heard, newly employed na ka by *toooot*..LOL! see yah around!

rabsin_d said...

@complicated girl: hahaha! Its a great coffee shop indeed! Something new and something unique! Err...and about the employment thing...I kind of not pass my requirements...lelz! Maybe I'm not ready for that kind of job :)