Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Official Launching of Xperia in Cebu from Sony Ericson


I have just experienced Xperia X10 from Sony Ericson! It was extremely flattering that I am one of the first few people who tried and tested the features of Xperia! Sony Ericson officially launched Xperia in Cebu.

Just yesterday, I was invited to the Official Launching of Sony Ericson's new products, so-called the World's smallest Android smartphones here in Cebu:

Xperia X10 Mini

X10 Mini Front X10 Mini Back

Xperia X10 Mini Pro

X10 Mini Pro Front X10 Mini Pro Back
These latest products from Sony Ericson has 3.2 x 1.9 x .63 inches and 3.5 x 2.05 x .67 inches in dimension respectively. However, X10 mini pro has a sliding QWERTY keyboard functionality. Both of them are similar of the size of a credit card but has mind-blowing features. As Google Android smartphones, both can be customized with directly downloadable applications from Android Market.

Both phones have a 2.55-inch scratch resistant TFT touchscreen supporting over 16 million colors. Their 5-megapixel camera for stills and video comes with auto focus, geo tagging, photo and video light and the Sony Ericsson album application, a feature that organizes image files. Their user experience platform was specifically designed for a smaller form factor with a one-hand touch experience. Users can quickly access their most used and favourite applications through a unique and customizable four-corner user interface.

Sony Ericsson says the phones are true compact versions of the highly popular Xperia X10.

Xperia X10

Xperia X10 Black Xperia X10 White
The Xperia™ X10, which made a solid global debut earlier this year, was Sony Ericsson’s first smartphone in the Android platform. It has since become one of the company’s best sellers, and has been recorded as Japan’s top selling smartphone. The X10 mini is available in black, pearl white, lime and silver while the X10 mini pro is in black and red.

It has also been announced that a new Xperia™ mobile phone will be arriving on the 3rd quarter 2010, the Xperia X8.

Xperia X8

X8 Front X8 Back
The X8 will build on the success of the X10 and the mini products and extend the most entertaining smartphones collection to an even broader audience.

Sony Ericson made an X10 Cafe at the 2nd floor of SM Northwing (leftside) near Cyberzone so that other people can experience Xperia smartphones. It will only open until July 25, 2010 so fix your schedule and go to X10 Cafe and try their new products!

Coffees and cookies will be served for your convenience! I will go back there soon to try the new Sony Ericson Vivaz pro which allows users to capture, view and share their best experiences in HD video. The Vivaz pro has a QWERTY keyboard that allows users to communicate quickly and efficiently via email, SMS or even social networking updates.

Xperia Vivaz Pro

Vivaz Pro Front Vivaz Pro Back
Vivaz has an 8.1 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, continuous auto focus for video, image stabilizer, 3D games, Facebook and Twitter applications. One can review the HD video content in the standby panel or online via Wi-Fi on the 3.2 inch widescreen. It's has a curve-shaped design for the hands to easily and comfortably hold it.


Dhon said...

i love how the Vivaz pro looks like!

rabsin_d said...

@Dhon: Me too! Me want VIVAZ!

rashid1891 said...

i love how the Vivaz pro looks like

rabsin_d said...

@rashid: me too! it's awesome!