Friday, June 20, 2008

Take Over, The Breaks Over

An amazing journey to my love life, or i may say "A 5 Day Love Life".

Last June 12, 2008, the day my Lola died (10:00 pm), Ally and I got had this commitment to go over board and be more than friends. It was an enchanting night at Woodward Little Theater. Day passes by and we got so close to each other, and we had lots of fun together. We had a great night life, and often meet at STEDS, Silliman. However, something happened that twisted our fate. Actually, I'm not really sure what's her reason why she keeps pushing me away from her during the debut of Jesicca Delos Santos, a very good friend of ours, and why she was so dull and i asked her why but she only said "I was better of a friend than your girlfriend. " Then...silence.............

On June 17, 2008, the Last vigil for my beloved Lola, I invited Ally to come see my Lola and my family hoping that she's fine because we were talking already, but before we entered the church, she told me that she needed to fix things with her studies, her family, and herself. I feel so heavy that night, it was like my heart was pounded by machines used in the movie 'SAW'. I cant move, I cant speak and suddenly tears keeps falling down my eyes.

I felt her reason was not enough for all that I did for her. It was a lame reason for me, but I have no choice but to let go. A painful reality that can never be avoided by a lot of people. :(

Today, we still see each other since I introduced her to my friends and they really get along well, but I can still feel the pain that her lips had caused me and every time I see her laugh makes me want to cry so hard because she seem so strong and doesn't feel anything. I cant look straight to her eyes and I cant talk to her as easy as before and I'm not sure if we can still be friends...

(Ally: Not real name..)

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kaakaams said...

Ahww. Ka sad ani, Rick. =(

Pero always remember na everything happens for a reason. Hope you're going to be fine soon.