Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pain in the Feet

Just last night, I started practicing badminton as my career in my senior year in College. I was a badminton varsity during my Elementary and High School years (2nd year). However, I stopped when I stepped on the Portals of Silliman University to pursue my College degree. Because of that, my physique was not toned for the past 3 years! So just Imagine how 'matakaw I am'. Anyhow, about last night, I was relax during the first 30 minutes because we were only sitting and laughing, but after that enjoying moment, we started to jog around the SU Gym, up the stairs, go down, and up again...for 2 hours. I suddenly felt 2 kilos of rice patched in both feet. I can't hardly jog, it was like in a 'Nighthood' (if you know what I mean) were everybody keeps doing something in one part of your body. it was definitely a burden, but I was determined and finished all drills till the end. Whooo!

Just woke up and boy it was so heavy. Every step I make is like a punch on my legs...grrr! I feel like falling..hahaha! but I still had fun..Till then, I'l just take a shower...peace out.

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