Saturday, August 3, 2013

SWAP it up by Tomato Time now in Cebu

SWAP it up by Tomato is now available in Cebu! Thank you for this rock and roll SWAP face with a matching gray SWAP strap!
I always knew that they were coming soon, but I wasn't expecting it to be this soon! Yet still, thank you for finally arriving here in Cebu! Tomato Time's SWAP watch got a massive online presence in Manila not just because of how they marketed the whole thing, but simply because the SWAP watch is fashionably hip-chic and got great concept of mix-and-matching. Cebu did not have a hard time welcoming the brand because of these. ;)
Showing off the SWAP Watches at Alchology. Thank you to Jodie from Crinnovent for that great crazy party!
Made a quick visit to their store the day after and I was amazed how the people really dig the style and the quality of Tomato Time.
Tomato Time in Cebu is located at SM City Cebu upper ground floor (very near Jollibee).
While I was browsing the other products of Tomato Time, to my surprise, my better half bought me a SWAP Starter Kit for our 2nd Year Anniversary (more to the anniversary on my next post. Teeheee!)
I didn't realize the SWAP face box was upside-down. Lol!
Thank you sooo much idol! These are perfect! One for a hip look and one for a daily look!
Aside from SWAP, I am also eyeing Tomato Time's STRUKTUR Collection where it sides more with elegance and formality.
STRUKTUR Collection by Tomato Time
Average prize is about Php 1,000.00 only!

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