Monday, August 5, 2013

CAMO Grunge

How are you all guys doing? I know that heavy rain and crazy thunderstorm are visiting often than imagined, but just stay calm and suggest to stay home and drink a good warm coffee. I don't want you guys to get sick. Anyways, I got sooo many pending backlogs to finish and I am deeply praying that I finish all of them soon. For now, let me share to you my look during 'the not so rainy season' stay-cation at Gran Prix Cebu.

Shirt from Penshoppe; Thrifted worn-out shorts; Socks from Oxygen; Shoes from Milanos

I'm currently checking out Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway for my upcoming trip this October! I'm so exited and was even more lucky when I saw this deal at Groupon!
Purchasing this perfect deal for my Boracay trip this October!
 How about you guys, what are your upcoming travels before this year ends?