Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chatime in Cebu

I have been roaming around trying and tasting almost all of the milk tea stores in Cebu, but they always fail in terms of consistency in taste…until Chatime came.
(left to right) Frederick Ong Jr., Senior Adviser Taiwan Overseas Chinese Affairs, Louie Sam, Chatime Cebu President, Charee Pineda, actress ABS-CBN (Angelito), Johnlu Koa, Founder & CEO or French Baker
Chatime is now open!!!
Have you experienced ordering your favorite Winter Melon milk tea with less sugar, yet still very sweet? I did, and I tend to not finish the drink at all.

With Chatime, they have their personalized hi-tech machine that consistently mix the ingredients to get the exact same taste (in every Chatime store in the World) everytime you order your desired drink.

The store is located at eBlock 2 Asiatown IT Park, Cebu City (beside Army Navy) and is the first branch outside Luzon.

What makes me love Chatime the most is their consistency in measure their ‘no sugar’ and ‘less sugar’ option, which is absolutely perfect for a person who does not have a sweet tooth like me. Their hi-tech machine can measure your desired sugar to be placed on your milk tea.
With Vernon, Eden and Thaad at Chatime
With Joven, Kristine and Marco comfortably seated on Chatime's lovely sofa.
Did I also tell you that the store looks so hip and is glowing with good vibes! Hoping for more branches in Cebu and expect me in your store often.

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RunningEnthusiast said...

nice.may bago na pwedeng tambayan when in cebu.

rabsin_d said...

Yes! Let me know when you're in Cebu :D