Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ayer Lechon Launches their Website

Ayer Lechon!!!
I must say, this is one of the best, most tasty lechon I have ever tasted. I don’t to beat around the bush in saying that it totally exceeded my expectation. There are a lot of competing stores in the market, but they never really got me craving for more.

Ayer Lechon in Lahug (across USPF)
 CNT was a favorite, but probably due to demand or maybe because they did not have any competition that time, they were unable to maintain the quality of the lechon…plus their store (near SM City Cebu) needs to have better ventilation.

Zubuchon taste too artificial for me. Their lechon is more focused with the skin, but the meat is plainly dull. That’s why you would love to get their tasty sauce.

Ayer Lechon, on the other hand, gave a distinctive taste that made me (and my mom) plan to get our lechon at Ayer this coming Christmas and New Year! By the way, you must check out their Spicy Boneless Lechon because it’s bursting with yumminess! I can’t wait to buy this salivating product from Ayer Lechon. It’s quite pricy though, but totally worth every penny.
Spicy Boneless Lechon
Try it out for yourself!
Check their website and order online:

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