Monday, September 10, 2012

Patches and Stitches

Polo, Shoes and Necktie from FINLUST Shop; Blazer and Jeans from Bossini; Bag from SM Accessories
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We all have our secrets, from our parents, from our closest friends and (for me) from our partners in life. It was intended to be hidden temporarily until the right time comes. The question now is 'When is the right time?' This has become a hindrance to my relationship and me being just free.

This 'Patches and Stitches' Necktie is a simple tribute saying that I am finally free of secrets. 2 weeks ago, I told my better-half of my whole story (the best and the worst part) of my life. It was such a relief that I am no longer feeling this guilt of not being honest. We have patched the whole and stitched it with love and acceptance.

I want to thank you, Idol, for such a good person. I am truly drowned by your unconditional love. I know that this is not your ideal relationship, but you still compromise. You have always compromised. For that, I thank you. - Idol


Chyrel Gomez said...

Awwww. No need to share in public what it is pero chikka nya love. Haha!

Ikaw na gyud ang na in love oi. Sus!

And Rab, di gyud nako ma take ang daplin's dan nga OOTD oi. Ma try nga.

rabsin_d said...

Hahahaha! Oo, basta makapapicture lang. LOL!