Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting too Attached with BLUE

I told you I'm too attached with color blue, especially this shirt that my better half gave me during our 1st Anniversary.
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Bracelet from Provado
Watch from SM Accessories
Shirt and Boots from Forever 21; Jeans from Finlust Shop; Belt from SM Accessories
Work is starting to get intense and so is life. I need to set new priorities and new goals in life. I also need to start saving for my long planned online shop. Better start by lessening my shopping and start thinking of how to earn more. Any side-line jobs there? I'm practically open for anything. LOL!

Also, don't forget the most awaited event on September 29 at The Amnezia (60 Degrees - The Amnezia Experience) if you want to see DJ DAVID CALLUM in real flesh. Teehee! See you all there! :D
60 Degrees - The Amnezia Experience
60 Degrees - The Amnezia Experience


Chyrel Gomez said...

Naudlot slight atoang kumikitang kabuhayan, Rab.

Ganahan ko sa imohang boots gyud ay.

rabsin_d said...

Slight Chy. Hahaha! Salamat kaau. Hopefully naa nko new set of boots oi. teehee