Thursday, September 6, 2012

Krispy Kreme's Chocolate Collection

Chocolate Collection (L-R: Crunch, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth and Kit Kat)
 I've been public to everyone that I'm not your sweet-tooth buddy, but it does not mean that I don't appreciate sweets. So here I share with you one of the BEST collection (I must say) of Krispy Kreme for the month of BER.
Krispy Kreme Chocolate Collection
Krispy Kreme Chocolate Collection
I  can totally see you salivating right now. You better check the nearest Krispy Kreme and try the Chocolate Collection now because they say this is available for a limited time only.
What I had during my last visit. Hello Ham and Bacon Pull Apart! :D
So enjoying this bite! Thanks for capturing this shot Geezelle.

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