Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Year Anniversay Trip to Boracay - Day 1

I know this took me a month to's just that I don't want to skip every details of the whole Anniversary Trip back on July. Made a glimpse post here: First Year Anniversary at Boracay.

I finally had the time to write about it (thanks to fever). LOL!

July 19, Thursday, my better half and I flew for Boracay to celebrate our first year anniversary. We plotted our schedule pretty well and experienced so many exciting things in the best Island in the World for 2012.

First Day

Arrived in Caticlan and heard a man shouting while waving a piece of paper with our names on it. Wooot! I feel like a real tourist. LOL! The man drove us from the airport to the sea port heading to Boracay Island and drove us to our hotel, Boracay Royal Park Resort Hotel. We immediately went out and had lunch with one of my great friends, Jason, who was on his last vacation hours in Boracay. It was good to see him again even just for a few hours.
Now this is how it feels like having a personal driver. LOL!
Boracay Airport
Boracay Airport
Our ride to the hotel. Sweeeeet!
Checking in at the Hotel
After our quick lunch with Jason
Due to lack of sleep, we decided to sleep the whole afternoon; woke up at night to meet my better-half's friends and morning the night away.

More photos below.
Warming up at Guilly's Island - Station 1
Booze time at Summer Place - Station 2
Enjoying the crowd and music at Summer Place
Enjoying Renz and Echo's company