Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Year Anniversay Trip to Boracay - Day 2

Second Day

Woke up for the inclusive breakfast and prepared for our exciting itinerary for the day.
ATV in Boracay
ATV in Boracay
About to start our trip! :D
The Zorb

We first went to try the ATV and drove on a bumpy road heading to the Zorb. The zorb looks lame from the outside, but when I found myself inside the zorb while screaming like a kid, it was way cooler than I thought. It was so exciting that I almost picked my wallet and literally about to get money for another round of Zorbexperience! Good thing our guide told us that it's time to go. Money saved!

A photo before the zorb starts rolling.
A photo after the exciting ride in the zorb!
We went back to the hotel to clean up and change, then head out again for our date-lunch at Dejavu.
Deja Vu Resto Lounge - Station 2
Deja Vu Resto Lounge - Station 2
Best Sellers!
Deja Vu's Spaghetti Bolognese
Deja Vu's Bacon Cheeseburger
This setting is just too cute and intimate don't you thing? :D
Lunch is SERVED!
Couldn't be any happier! This trip was indeed full of smiles :D :D :D

We then went back to the hotel to rest...but wait there is more -- and will post it in the entry ;)

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