Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The 1st Anniversary at Boracay

Yes, I was offline for a while because of a very special occasion. My better half and I flew to Boracay last week for our Anniversary Celebration. Coincidentally, Boracay was identified as THE BEST Island in the World for 2012. This gave an extra boost for the both of us to save for that special day.
Felt feverish during this time, but I needed to fly. I spent too much already to miss this trip. LOL!
Touchdown -- Boracay!
Had so much activities during our Boracay trip and I can't wait to share all of them on the next posts. For now, let me quickly share my look on the first day in Boracay. Please hype it on LookBook too :D

Get Sole Shirt from David Guison's stall at BU 3 (Thanks to Vanessa for buying the shirt for me!); Thrifted pajamas and shoes; Bracelets from 101 New York and H&M.

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