Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free Day Everyday with Globe - Collect Stickers = Get Big Rebates

Hi guys, check this out! Globe has something new instore for us today.
Free Day Everyday with Globe
Click image to maximize.
Free Day Everyday is a new campaign from Globe as part of their Postpaid's Worry-Free Guarantee. Yes, this campaign is applicable only for postpaid subscribers. So if you're a Globe postpaid subscriber and you want to get big rebates on your bill, this is perfect for you!

Here are the mechanics:
  1. Promo pilot will be in Cebu only (This includes all stores in CEBU province).
  2. All Cebu subscribers shall be given a promo card via 2 ways:
    • Bill inserts
    • Take one from any Cebu Globe Store
  3. The loyalty card shall contain boxes/tasks which subscribers must complete. Below is a summary of the tasks/offers:
  4. Click image to maximize.
  5. Every availment of a product earns the subscriber STICKERS.
  6. Subs must collect at least 3 FREE stickers and 3 PAID (Discounted) stickers.
  7. Once sub completes 3 out of 6 FREE tasks and 3 out of 6 PAID tasks, he shall be entitled to a P500 bill rebate.
  8. Provisioning guidelines:
    • Subs must proceed to any Globe Store in Cebu to avail of any of the above services.
    • Both FREE and PAID items may be provisioned any day of the week.
    • Sub may only avail of each FREEBIE/DISCOUNTED PRODUCT once. Repeat availment of the same product is not allowed.
    • One card = One mobtel number.
For more inquiry, please take a look at Free Day Everyday FAQ.


Jewel Clicks said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing. :) Sana walang hidden charges. :D

Jewel Clicks

rabsin_d said...

I'm sure its not a hidden charge kasi sticker lng nman hihingiin mo if ever you purchase something ;)