Saturday, March 17, 2012

Drinking for the Past Weeks

I just realized that I was quite often found, if not in a coffee shop, in another drinking station or store that sells drinks. It was just few weeks ago that I tried the Pure Vanilla at CBTL IT Park during a very hot afternoon.
Pure Vanilla (non-caffeine)
Blame the weather! Well, it can be a reason for a good water therapy project ;)

A couple of days after that, I caught myself sipping a Dark Mocha at Starbucks Terraces. Met some few friends and had a great chit-chat.
Dark Mocha
A few more days after that, I had the chance to try Tea and Symphony, a new store beside the University of Cebu (Banilad Campus), which offers variety of Milk Tea...and I must say, they have pretty good stuff here and very affordable too ;) -- thanks to CBSi for the invitation
Tea & Symphony Milk Tea w/ Aloe Vera and Coffee Jelly Toppings
Recently, idol bought me a Chocolate Milk Tea at the Bubble Bee Tea House at the 2nd floor of SM Northwing. Idol is so sweeeeeeeeeeet! LOL!
Chocolate Milk Tea
Aaaaah! Refreshing isn't it? I cant wait to grab one of these soon.

How about you? What did you drink the last couple of weeks?

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