Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cool Summer Fever - Postura Day 3

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Thrifted dyed denim polo; Tank top from Bench; White belt from Lee; DIY cool blue shorts; Boat shoes from Boardwalk; Bracelets from SM Accessories; Neon blue watch from Meridian (Nixon)
This neon blue Nixon watch from Meridian just gave an outstanding cool touch to my whole look!
Just because I'm too excited for my Summer Escapade to Boracay and maybe some more destinations (will be revealing them real soon), I just have to get more summer clothes...and what better way to get cool clothes yet still very cheap is by going to thrift shops and DIYing them! Hahaha!

That DIY blue shorts used to be a dirty old pants worth Php 5.00 in a thrift shop...and now it's a really cool trendy shorts! Thanks to Eden for the inspiration and hoping to make more DIY and my own designs soon (guess what, I actually thought of a brand for my designs already...excited much? LOL)!

And have you noticed that lovely neon watch? Isn't it pretty nice? It's just so pleasant to the eyes and I want to thank Meridian for this amazing Nixon watch!

Anyways, I will be assisting Eden for a styling gig this weekend and I'm feeling the rush of my imagination on this one! This will be my first time to work with Eden and she will brutally teach me the things that I need to learn with this styling thing. Hahaha! Lastly, thank you so much to Yuno for these great shots! You're the best man! BTW, this is my Postura Day 3 entry.

(Photos by: Yuno Bastareche)

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