Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer Blue - Postura Day 2

Fedora hat from W.A.G.W. by Yuno; Summer blue shirt from Oxygen; Bracelet and watch from SM Accessories; DIY denim shorts from Oxygen; Boat shoes from Boardwalk. 
Watch from SM Accessories
Bracelet from SM Accessories
Shoes from Boardwalk

This is my Day-2 for the 30 Day Challenge for Postura and I hope I can finish the whole 30 days. As you all notice, things has been really bright lately on this blog. Yes, the heat is on for the summer and everyone has been talking and preparing themselves and plan for a summer trip...and where else is the best place to celebrate summer but BORACAY! Yes, my friends and I have been planning to go to Boracay and finally it will happen on the latter of Summer season.

Eden and friends have also planned more shoots to come, but I better get in shape before that happens so you guys better watch out for more photos with more skin and less clothes. LOL!

I also got this really cool watch which is actually perfect for my Postura Day-2 entry, but I guess I will incorporate this watch on the next shoots to come.

(Photos by: Yuno Bastareche)

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