Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aboitiz Summer Acquaintance Party with Cebu Bloggers

I had the BEST time with the Aboitiz Team! It was such an honor to be part of their Summer Acquaintance Party that was held at the Pristina North Residence. I totally felt like I was home.
My summer look during the Aboitiz Summer Acquaintance Party
I have met Ganzo, one of the people behind Aboitiz, and it was such a pleasure knowing a person full of passion such youn personality at heart :)

Aboitiz Summer Acquaintance Party with Cebu Bloggers
Ganzo had a very informative talk and emphasized the 'working hand-in-hand' of Aboitiz and the rest of their partnered company.
Ganzo (wearing red) interacting with the bloggers
It was such a fun-filled event. We had games and the Aboitiz Team joined us with the shouting and cheering! No words can define how hot and fun that event was! It was EXTREME! Thank you so much for opening your doors to us. God bless and more power to Aboitiz!

Aboitiz Team with the bloggers in Cebu

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