Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tsunami Alert Incident in Cebu

To be honest, I really don't know if I would just laugh about what just happened yesterday or something to be sadden about...but I really don't want to get into the emotional impact of what happened here. I just want to share some photos and a video I took from yesterday terrifying incident.
Taken during the said 6.8 earthquake. People went straight to  the open ground of IT Park Cebu.
Even if the buildings were declared safe, the employees were advised to take a day off and go home.

Everyone was calling their loved ones and making sure if they were okay. However, before the earthquake commotion was about to fade; people from outside IT Park (the crossing where taxis enter IT Park area and the opposite building, Waterfront) suddenly went running and saying that the tsunami has now reached Colon area.
People started running. A friend asked one lady why she was running and she said: 'She doesn't know'.
Taxis and other vehicles don't want to get any passengers because of the Tsunami rumors.
More people running...

He's trying to get a taxi, but he couldn't.

People used the whole the the fire incident few days ago to evacuate their homes.
They made another whole to hasten the evacuation (See how fresh those broken blocks on the ground).

Below is a short video I took and you can literally hear from my voice that I myself was freaking out as well.

See how strong the word of mouth can be. Tsunami is no joke and you can't blame these people why they were running. I just hope people understand to value good source and information before disseminating "sourceless" information. It wasn't a good joke really, good thing the police made an initiative of roaming and shouting that the rumored tsunami isn't true.

I suggest we be more active online or on twitter and follow the news before we react. Keep safe guys and be alert with values!

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