Monday, February 13, 2012

The Innocence

The weekend was just crazy full of events. I had to give myself an extra boost just to make myself up and active as much as possible.

Had lunch at Casa Verde where they launched their new site: where you can check what's new like promos and you can also give them a ring for deliveries with a very minimal delivery fee. ;) They also shared with us their new dessert: The Lauren's Lava Cake which was mind blowing! Super! It was an honor to be one of the first few who tasted it. It's a must try! Check entry: Casa Verde Website Launching.

Friends and I also went to the Mutya Ng Pilipinas Press Conference and had a few chit-chat with organizers and was able to have a photo with the one and only Ms. Vickie MilagrosaRushton
Photo by: Cris Gella

I went straight to Azkals Sports Bar and Grill for the 4th Cebu Bloggers Society Anniversary and damn I miss this group! You have no idea how this group has molded me not just to be a better blogger, but a better person as well. Kudos to you guys! Congratulations! Check entry: 4th Cebu Bloggers Society Anniversary.
Photo by: Edcel Ceniza

Lastly, we all left for the special screening of the Movie, Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria, where a very talented friend is part of the cast. Eden, you are just AWESOME!!! Congratulations and to the rest of the Cebuanos films that will be shown! Check the link here for the whole schedule of the screening until February 16.

And you thought it ended there? NO! We still had an after-party and morning the night! It was a blast!

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