Sunday, January 1, 2012

Celebrating New Year 2012

Until now I am still in a trance on how amazing God is! How my family's life has changed from our status before and how everything just fell into places. I am so so blessed with great friends and such a wonderful family!

Lastly, I am so overwhelmed how amazing God is just so so good! I, together with all hopeless romantic people have been praying and asking for years when will they found the right person for them. All I can say is be patient. I'm sure you've met the person already...just open your life and be complete for yourself and someone complete your life for you. You have no idea how patiently I have waited for this person to come into my life. My friends can absolutely testify how many times I have cried (in the office...LOL!) and suffered, but I let go and let life guide me.

Now, I couldn't actually ask for more but good health and more years to come for my friends, my family and myself of course.

Celebrating New Year 2012

Happy New Year to everyone!

Check my Christmas 2011 Thank You Wishes to everyone.

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