Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

So much have changed and so many thinks left unsaid. However, it has been tough, yet still the greatest roller coaster ride of my life.

Despite some insecurities and sensitive stuff, I am still really blessed with so many things. (I do apologize if some people/group might not be forgotten)

Retrato de Familia
To my family, thank you so much for every patience. I love you guys so much! A sentence that I seldom say.

To my Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) Family, you will still have a very big part of my life! You molded me to be a better blogger and made me what I am today! Thank you for those times we have spent together and it was absolutely appreciated.

Cebu Fashion Bloggers
To my Cebu Fashion Bloggers (CFB) Family, you have no idea how blessed I am today because of you guys! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! More bonding and fun shots for all of us! :D

To all my acquaintances, thank you for being apart of my journey. Bless you all!

To the people I consider really special to me... To Mica, I miss you already! I hope we can bond longer next year okay? I love you and God bless! To Mark M., you know that you'll always be a special friend. Through good and bad! Let's hang out with the students soon! To Bogy and RJ, I miss you students! I know you have your own lives now and you have your own students to pamper and teach. Just take care and be careful okay? To Mac, such a calm water. I just love talking to this wonderful lady. I can feel that we are going to really, really close! Mwah! To Vanessa, BOMBASTAR!!! Learned alot from you, especially with life in general and how to handle yourself in certain scenario! Just like my sister indeed. To Eden, more than a wish come true! Always wished to be acquainted with this lady, but God gave her as a close, close friend. Very blessed! To Marco, even my deepest 'thank you' can't level all the things you have done to me. I am so so thankful to God that I met you...and just ultimately blessed to have you. You are such a wonderful person. Everyone who knows you should know that. Your values and respect towards people transcends dominantly and you are just amazing! To Cedric, IDOL! Thank you for the love and the trust. I am even more blessed to have you in my life.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Also, please hype my look below ;)

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