Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year 2012 Goals

Wow! Time flies way too fast! I still remember the time I wrote my Happy New Year 2011 Goals like it was just like yesterday...and now I'm about to write my 2012 Goals.

Happy New Year 2012 Goals

The year 2012, is the year of the Dragons. People who was born on the year 1988 is also a Dragon (that includes me)! We, according to the Chinese zodiac definition, are innovative, enterprising, self-assured, brave, passionate; however, conceited, and quick-tempered. Very true! LOL!

Last 2011, I promised myself to spend more time to myself (accomplished) and my family (failed)! I, unfortunately, spent too much time to myself. Vanity struck...sigh! So sorry... However, drinking and going out at night is absolutely much lesser compared last year :D

Now, I have updated my New Year goals for 2012, but let's check first my accomplishment on the 2011:
Open a Time Deposit
☐ iPhone 4 -- I got Blackberry instead and I'm happy with it!
☐ Go back to Gym and exercise Regularly  -- Stopped last March --- X
 Launch (Month of January)
Make a Contest for
 be MORE patient! (God Help me!)

So, here it is:
☐ Will go back to gym on January and will maintain until the end of the year!
☐ Will spend more, more time with family.
☐ Balance career and love.
☐ SAVE every PAY DAY! 
☐ Improve life's status!
☐ Start DIYing! :D
☐ Get a better CLOSET and RACKS for my stuff.
☐ Be more health conscious.
☐ Go back to church please.

May this be a better New Year for everyone! Have a great day guys!

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