Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 Goals

5 sleeps more to go and the Year 2011 will be in our hands!!!
Happy New Year 2011 Goals
The Year of the Rabbit implies peace, privacy and introversion. This 2011, I will spend more time for myself and my family. I will implement a peaceful lifestyle on the year 2011. Since I am pretty much an EXTROVERT, I will lessen my social activities for the year 2011.

It has been a long time since I spent time for myself so i will set the year 2011 for that. This year (2010), I focused more on making all the people around me happy, but next year (2011) let it be me to be happy!

For this, I have set some goals for me for the Year 2011:

Open a Time Deposit
☐ iPhone 4 --> (Good luck!)
Go back to Gym and exercise Regularly (payed for January and February)
☐ Launch (Month of January)
Make a Contest for
☐ be MORE patient! (God Help me!)

I want to thank my uber AWESOME friends for the wonderful memories...To my family for the utmost support...and to Him for another exciting Year!!!


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