Friday, December 30, 2011

The Philippine Eagle Center - Davao Day 1

We went straight  to The Philippine Eagle Center which is also a breeding facility for the Philipine Eagle. However, before we actually went inside the Center, you will pass by a couple of people who have snakes as pets and we had a photo with it :D

Albino Python
Walked a mile or less to arrive in the Center.
The Philippine Eagle Center
...and finally!

Brahminy Kite at Philippine Eagle Center
Brahminy Kite at Philippine Eagle Center
Scout Binay

Scout Binay and us in the background. lol!
 Below are some species of eagle.

I had fun knowing alot of things about the eagles and how difficult their breeding process is. Since the eagles are monogamous, they can identify their mate and it's like marriage where they bind each other together. Unfortunately, if one dies its impossible to breed... They also tried experimenting putting one male and one female, whom both of their mates passed away, in a cage; however, so far there is still no progress on the said experiment. I came to realize alot of things actually...on how to value life in general and how strong these eagles are.

You can also find brown deer, wild boar, monkeys and a crocodile inside the Philippine Eagle Center.

Warty Pig


Monkeys playing

 Lastly, you can also find a bat outside the center, near the entrance area.
Position of a bat peeing
Right after the wonderful tour in the Philippine Eagle Center, we went to Malagos Garden Resort.

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