Monday, August 22, 2011

Basti's Brew Coffee Station Davao

Davao Escapade Day 1...

Since day 1 was so packed of good things, I told myself that day 2 in Davao should be relaxing. Unfortunately, I had no clue on what to do on my 2nd day in Davao. My plan was to go Scuba Diving; however, the agency I called a week before my flight backed out because of an unknown reason. I went out to grab a good booze of coffee at Basti's Brew Coffee Station at Victoria Plaza which was suggested to me by Blogie (Ang Dabawenyo).
Basti's Brew Coffee Station Davao
Basti's Brew full packed customers

I arrived there seeing the place full packed. Blogie and his friends were also there. They gave me a warm welcome and I helped myself with a nice warm Basti's Brew coffee and a Bolognese.
Basti's Brew Coffee 
No wonder this is Blogie's favorite coffee shop. It was the best hot coffee I've ever tasted so far! The prices are affordable too. The place have a diners area, a coffee area for, a smoking area and the outside area if you want to feel the breeze of fresh air. Clean and very welcoming. This is definitely my favorite coffee shop in Davao.

We had a great conversation...and I aslo found out that Blogie and his friend go scuba diving regularly. How lucky could I get? I guess I have my Day 2 all covered up now!

Basti's Brew Menu:
Basti's Brew Menu 1 
Basti's Brew Menu 2
I'll see you soon Basti's Brew Coffee Station.

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