Monday, August 8, 2011

Davao Escapades and Tips (Day 1 Tour)

It was a long dream of going to Davao City! I've heard from friends and even news that it is one of the best places to settle down and has a 0% crime rate if I'm not mistaken. So I actually booked myself a flight going to Davao on the 2nd week of July. I was there for 4days and 3 nights and it was the best tour ever! Everything fell into places and the time was just to perfect for everything! Lord is just too amazing to give me these opportunities.

Also, I really tried myself to minimize my expenses, but I couldn't! There are so many things that you need to experience in Davao City! Honestly!!! So, I won't make it any longer and let's start with the details.

I went to the airport an hour before my flight to avoid the crowd and went straight to the Cebu Pacific area then paid for the terminal fee (Php 200.00).
Boarding to Davao
It was quite a fast and lax setting. After an hour I just accomplished one of my dream and had my first step to Davao City!
Welcome to Davao City
I immediately left the airport and went straight to Green Windows Dormitel which I absolutely suggest if you are on a tight budget or if you are traveling by yourself. Green Windows has everything that you'll be looking for in a hotel. In addition, they have this promo for backpackers which is only Php 188.00 / night. It's SUPER CHEAP!!! If you need more information about the said dormitel, check this link: Green Windows Dormitel.

I had my lunch at Lachi's with Raissa and Ria and boy it was fantastic! I will definitely come back here when I go back to Davao! Thanks Ria and Raissa for your time ;) For more info about the said restaurant, check this link: Lachi's Restaurant in Davao.
Big Smiles After our Lachi's Experience
(Ria, Rabsin and Raissa at Lachi's)
Even if I was really full, I went straight ahead to Zip City to experience ziplining in Davao and it was freakin awesome!!! The view was great and my inverted pose ROCK! If you want to see my inverted pose, check this link: Ziplining at Zip City.

Lastly, I went to Davao Crocodile Park which was the best way indeed to end my day. I promised myself to go back there! I must watch that crazy firedance show again! It was freakin' AWESOME!!!

I left Davao Crocodile Park with my huge smile! It was such a great night indeed! Davao just rocked my world!

Day 2 soon...


Joyce Clemencio said...

Stumbled on your blog by chance (was looking for details on Green Windows dormitel haha!).. Anyway, Lachi's is the shiz! i've written about my lachi's experience too and it's really a must for tourists to try their food, especially the cakes :)

rabsin_d said...

Hi Joyce, hehehe! Was it via google? LOL! Anyways, yeah...lachi's is the BOMB! I'll be going back to Davao soon. Hope to see you there :)