Friday, July 29, 2011

Ziplining at Zip City Davao

As a sporty guy as I am, I love adventures and experiencing thrilling things. Actually, this is not my first time to try ziplining. I have tried ziplining at Papa Kits in Cebu. However, I also want to try it in Zip City for they say it has a really nice view...and I also want to try the inverted position!!! Hahaha!
Welcome to Zip City
Even if I was still full during our lunch at Lachi's, I went straight ahead to Zip City to experience the inverted position. The people there was very entertaining and they didn't waste anytime and prepared all the necessary things. I paid Php 300.00 for the zip line experience and that includes a consumable food of a Php100.00 at Dencios Hilltop.
now ready for my zipline experience in Davao
Too bad I wasn't able to take a video while I was invertedly hanging; however, they were able to take a picture of me during that time. The view was indeed really nice!
Ziplining at Zip City Davao
YES!!! I have conquered Zip City with my squeezed-crotch look. LOL!

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