Monday, April 18, 2011

Ziplining at Papa Kit's Liloan Cebu

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon for a visit and also want to try what is in the said place. I was able to speak with their General Manager, Mr. Demosthenes Inso, and found out that Papa Kit's only started a few months back on September. Check their Facebook Page here.

I've heard lots of rumors of this newly found entertainment destination in Cebu and that's why we have decided to pay a little visit to the said place.

Before we went inside, we paid the Php 100.00 entrance fee (4 person * 100 = Php 400.00). The Entrance Fee is consumable by the way. We went directly to their restaurant and start ordering. Check the link for the Food at Papa Kit's.

After our very sumptuous and affordable lunch, we went to the Zipline area where we paid Php 200.00 each. This will be 2 way trip (back and forth). The line was quite long so there was enough time for us to digest all the food that we took during lunch. We also tried their fresh butong which was very refreshing!

See the following videos below for our Ziplining Experience at Papa Kit's Liloan Cebu.

Ziplining at Papa Kit's Liloan Cebu


It was indeed fun and worthwhile. Papa Kit's is rapidly getting the attention of the local and it will not take a while for them to have massive foreign visitors. Well in fact, there are foreign people visiting the place already. Because of this, they better make sure that they improve their customer service.

The list below are some things I have noticed that need customer service improvement:

  • The lady in the front desk when you get inside the gate. They might want to consider looking for a person that is welcoming and who knows how to entertain tourists and customers.
  • The waiting time of your food after you've ordered.
  • The restaurant would be even better with ceiling fans (ventilation system).
  • A cleaner and well washed utensils would definitely give me a very relaxing feeling while eating.
  • A designated point person would be really great to each of their services so that the customers will have an idea who to ask for example the 'Horse Back Riding'. I would really love to try it; however, I don't know who to ask.
  • The location of each spots are quite far from each other. They might want to consider a transportation service like a 'gareta' or 'kalesa' to make the scene more like a farm or an hacienda.

These are just some of the concerns I got from my friends and with my personal insight. I hope the management will take this as a constructive criticism or suggestions...and I know for a fact that the management has their own plan on how to make Papa Kit's even better so let's just wait and see for the innovation shall we?

My officemates and I will be going back to the said place a week after Holy Week...enough time to see some improvement on the said newly found tourist destination.

In addition, before I end this entry I would like to share with you one of the best sunset I've seen in my life that I took at Papa Kit's and since I'm not a good photographer, my apologies.

Sunset at Papa Kit's
Marco first saw the scene and has a better photo of this here.

Until the next time we meet...


approximately lost said...

Gwapa tong gabantay sa gate diri sa una. Naa pa kaha to run XD

rabsin_d said...

Seriously??? hahaha! di man to gwapa sa amo nga time...hahaha