Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FinLust's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

Here we go again for another Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011!!!

I still remember myself writing my entry for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 and Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010, which my Music Vlog is thankfully apart of (Check my Thank You Speech and a quick interview of Ms. Janette Toral)..and now, I am about to make my 2011 nominees.
rabsin as top 10 influential blogs for 2010
Indeed time flies so fast...

Back in 2007, Influential Blogs where more personal...more with life.
In 2008, Influential Blogs where more concern with their audience and what matters to them.
In 2009, Influential Blogs where the young active players in the society...the real people.
In 2010, Influential Blogs where more of passion and identity building and make it a profession.

How about for 2011, What would the Influential Blogs be?

Well, below are my nominees:
365 Vanity Shot Project
1. 365 Vanity Shot Project - started last March of 2011 and I just love it's objective! It's quite common to see a 365 Project that shows photos of different things taken on different places. For this vanity project, it only shows a daily photo of the site's owner with its objective:
This will be a 365 days project showing a daily photo of me. Let's see what will happen to my face a year after....shall we?
Yes, vain indeed! We'll see if the owner gets wrinkles after a year. LOL!

2. iSwallow - inspired by Anton Ego's character in Ratatouille. The site's owner made Anton Ego's quote as the description of this Food Blog:
I don't like food, I LOVE it! If I don't love it, I don't SWALLOW!

Even with PKD, Life Goes On
3.Even with PKD, Life Goes On - a very inspiring blog by a physician-medical educator-microbiologist who have this PKD. I tried googling about it and it just dismays me how this guy unfortunately got this disease. I don;t want to pity him for he goes on with life and makes his life to the fullest...that I'm sure! Kudos to you Doc. Buboy!

4. Libotero - I've been a big fan of this young kid ever since I met him. At a very young age, he was able to travel almost everything in the Philippines. *Sigh* When will I ever do that? He's the best person to ask if you'll be traveling somewhere. I ask him when I plan my itineraries.

Foodie Craft
5. Foodie Craft - this aggressive blogger has been slowly getting attention especially with her food blog. I've heard that restaurants and some food businesses are dying to get her time and ask for her food reviews. She has definitely improved and I love the way she writes. Great job!

Here are my partial 5 nominees for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. Please do take a look at them for I bet these blogs above deserve to be part of the Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011.

(You can also share your nominees here by commenting below. I'll take a peak and might choose all of them so that I can finish the Top 10 nominees)

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