Friday, August 22, 2008

Successful Defense

We just finished defending our OJT Project, E-Radio: A Live Audio Streaming Implementation and thank God it was accepted, although it has a lot of comments from our panelists. Grrr!

Actually, this is our second defense for this Project and I just got pissed-off because they should have given all the comments they can make during the first defense, but instead they had more comments today than the last time. (The nerve of this incompetent teachers...sorry to say! Note: Not all)

I just had enough of these powerful people surrounding the campus...with their guts and chinned up facade.

I just remembered a theory I made back in High School:

Having a name with Magna cum Laude or Suma cum Laude do not necessarily mean that you are one of the best students in your some ways, teacher factor comes in.


kaakaams said...

I totally feel you, Rick! And I totally agree with your 'theory'.

Sometimes, it really pays to be a street smart, rather than being a book smart. =) Just a thought.

Happy founder's day! Hehe. =)

rabsin_d said...

I'm glad we have the same ideology.. So take good care in maintaining your grades and your personality towards your teachers...for short, 'kung ganahan mo makapasar? PASIPSIP'

Lance said...

oh pls recheck the grammar of your theory..hehe peace.. but i still get it and i totally agree with it...

rabsin_d said...

sorry for the grammatical errors..I'll update them soon..peace