Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So Sick of Mama's Speach

FinlustSorry for everything, Ma and Pa, but I just can't believe you did this to me.. I never forgot the day that I told you that I quit being a Student Assistant in the Library because Cyborg, the Assistant boss, has this attitude of insulting every person that comes her way...and yes, she is a SHE.. Boy I was so happy that you respected my decision. You even said that "don't worry about the money, all you need to worry is your studies." But what happened this morning? You blasted in front of me like cannon balls speaking "I can't afford your schooling anymore and I'm sick and tired of loaning."

I don't know why but it just broke my heart.. What happened to your first quote then!? Grrr!

I'm burning, inside and out...if you only know how painful it was...

I gave you all the achievements I could give but maybe it's just not enough...

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