Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Start of my New Blog...

Fin Lust
Hi! this is my second blog, aside from my Friendster Blog... I will be posting my entire life here!

Let's see, checking time it's 2:00 pm and I am currently doing my blog during my Networking class..Hehehe! It's what I usually do in this class..Anyhow, here I am making some stuff while listening to my very boring teacher...By the way, I got pissed off last night by my Dad because of his senseless talks telling me that I always go to school even on weekends...I was just wasting 'their'
money and I am not doing my best in school...(Ouch!) He also said that I still don't have anything to be proud of...(That's cruel)

If he only knew what I was doing in school. His words kept on flowing into my ears like a breeze flying its fastest approaching my delicate, sensitive ears.

If I could only speak...but I can't...He's too powerful. He throws stronger than me, he speaks wiser than me, and he glares at me as if I am a 'sore looser'.

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